THE DAWN is a project based on a series of paintings called
“scores of silence” with 49 smallsized paintings in 2007 - 2008.

since I have started to work on this series, it is my concept to
create a space where the viewers, including me, can physically
encounter the meaning of this series.

into each piece, I transformed three most important essences
in my artist life such as painting, architecture and music.

the architect franziska ullmann created a image of space and building for
this project. accordingly, gabriele proy composed an ambient
music for the space.

by fusing the three different visions, THE DAWN redefines the tradi-
tional boundaries, no longer belonging solely within one discipline
or another. THE DAWN seeks to cultivite our concepts of contemplation,
meditation, silence and peace.

manfred makra
vienna, march 2008


manfred makra: artist, living and working in vienna
franziska ullman: architect, living and working in vienna and germany
gabriele proy: composer, living and working in vienna

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